Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Decker Law, PLLC provides experienced and efficient criminal defense in a wide variety of areas.  We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge in criminal law that relates back to prior days of prosecuting cases for the Commonwealth as well as providing defense for indigent clients and pro-bono representation. Criminal laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia provide for a huge range of possible consequences. We have provided top-knotch criminal defense in the following areas: murder, rape, robbery, drug possession and distribution, drunk driving, manslaughter, prescription drug fraud, forgery, embezzlement, uttering, arson, internet crimes, larceny, domestic violence, assault and battery, burglary, stalking, malicious wounding, unlawful wounding, destruction of property, underage possession of alcohol and an entire host of other criminal offenses. Do not underestimate the consequences that any criminal charge may carry.

family Law

Family Law

Our law firm has experience in representing individuals in a plethora of family law matters.  We routinely handle all matters related to uncontested divorce, custody, visitation and support of children.  We also routinely handle cases in which grandparents are seeking visitation and/or custody of their grandchildren.  Our attorneys can also assist in situations in which the parents may have their parental rights terminated or otherwise restricted. Our attorneys also frequently serve as Guardians ad litem for children in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts and Circuit Courts.  The rights of children are very important to our attorneys and so our attorneys have a great deal of experience in working with children as their attorneys in a variety of matters and also in dealing with the local departments of social services.  We even have experience in representing local departments of social services in some matters.


General Practice

General Practice

Decker Law, PLLC also provides our clients with representation in general matters relating to landlord/tenant disputes, protective orders, civil litigation for warrants in debt, contract disputes, wills, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, spousal support, show cause proceedings for contempt of court orders and many other general civil and criminal matters. If you think that we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you have been hurt in any way through no fault of your own, our attorneys can help you with a personal injury claim against the liable party and/or their insurance company. We have often handled matters involving a wide variety of personal injury including, but not limited to automobile accidents, dog bite cases, slip and fall injuries and drunk driving related injuries.


Traffic Defense

Traffic Defense

We have a number of years of experience in dealing with people who are charged with violating the wide array of traffic laws that are include in the Code of Virginia. Whether a simple speeding ticket or a more serious offense of reckless driving, we can offer you the defense that you need. What may otherwise seem to be a “routine” traffic case may have immense consequences now and well into the future.

Counsel You Can Trust

Brian’s practice focuses on traffic offenses, criminal (misdemeanor and felony), child custody/visitation and support, wills, real estate, personal injury, landlord/tenant, and many other areas.  Brian is also counsel for the Mathews Department of Social Services and Assistant Commissioner of Accounts for Mathews County.  Brian’s location of practice consists of Gloucester, Mathews, Middlesex, York County/Poquoson, Newport News, Hampton, King and Queen, King William, Williamsburg and New Kent.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Child Custody Professional

It was a pleasure to work with Brian on our case. My daughter and I always felt he had our best interest at heart and worked extremely hard to make sure we were successful. He was an excellent listener and treated my daughter with such respect, spending time with her and asking her opinion. His dedication to his profession and children is admirable.

I recommend Brian without hesitation.


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